Wow! I can’t thank Marianne enough for the outstanding job she did on the Blythe Family Project. Professional, courteous, affordable and meticulous in every way. Words cannot express how much we treasure our book. I highly recommend Marianne for folks looking to find out more about their family history. She is simply a joy to work with.

~Dustin B., Iowa


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did for me and my family on our genealogy book. It was without doubt the best choice we could have made having you do this project for us. You professionalism and thoroughness was beyond my expectations and the enthusiasm you had for some of the discoveries of past family members was especially neat to see.

Thank you again,

~Paul D., Indiana


My experience with Marianne was wonderful and rewarding! I didn’t know anything about my family’s history. Marianne was able to uncover some wonderful details about my family’s successes. To know that my African-American ancestors owned their own land and were Civil War heroes means the world to me. I am very grateful to Marianne for all her hard work! She even contacted the African-American Civil War Memorial in Washington D.C. and had them do an etching of my 3rd great-grandfather’s name from the plaque and they also sent a certificate of his service. She went over and beyond what I expected her to do! Thank you!

~ Shaquanna S., Indiana


If you are looking to have a family history done, I highly recommend Marianne. With Marianne’s help, my family history has been brought to life. Marianne provided an amazing and accurate family history in a professionally bound book. I love what she was able to provide me, and she went back many generations. My family and new generations to come will know where it all started. Thank you for all of your hard work.

~ReaDonna K., Pennsylvania


I enjoy researching my family history, but ran into a brick wall when looking for the ancestors on my paternal grandfather’s side of the family. I had a few guesses, but didn’t have the resources, skills or patience to really dig deep.  That’s when I contacted Mari for help.  She substantiated my guess with some real documentation and took me through seven generations!  I loved reviewing the military records she was able to include–I didn’t know I had a Civil War veteran in my family!  I also appreciate the photos of several headstones and the grave site locations.  I am going to continue to do my research but feel confident knowing that Mari will be able to help me when I get stuck.  Thanks for your thorough investigative work, Mari!

~Rachel B., Indiana


Marianne, mom is so thrilled with the book—best gift I have ever gotten her. She is reading and re-reading it and enjoying every moment. It will definitely stay in the family for generations to come, so all may know of their beginnings. Thanks for writing it.

~Jenifer G., Ohio


Thank you, Marianne, for the story of my Italian grandfather, who died when my mom was 19. I couldn’t believe the information you found just from a name. The finished product was so professional. I can’t believe you found my mom’s grandmother’s Italian birth certificate! I would recommend you to anyone who wants to know their detailed family background. Needless to say, my mom said it was the best present ever, on Christmas day!! Thank you! You are so good at this!

~Angela G., Indiana


WOW!!!   I’m speechless.  The Ramsey book you did for me is simply incredible.  You did such an outstanding job.  I can’t thank you enough.  I’m just in awe and tears.  It is such a treasure.  Thank you.

~Debbie Z., Indiana


I recently contacted Marianne to do some genealogy research on my mother’s maternal side, the Tislows of Indiana. I also collaborated with Ms.McCalip several years ago on research on my grandfather’s paternal side, the Holloways, and was quite pleased with her ability to find documentation from a variety of sources, many that were quite unknown to me. I was able to trace my Holloway family tree back to the 19th century, but she was able to find information on my ancestors back to 17th century England! She prepared a wonderful binder with photographs, a narrative on various family members and a full size Holloway family tree that dated back three hundred years! It was very professionally done and I was quite pleased.

When I wanted to trace my 18th century ancestor, Paul Tislow of Indiana, I contacted Ms.McCalip again. I was unable to go to Indiana and do the research myself, but Marianne did it all for me. She found important information on my Tislow ancestor that I did not know about and she compiled a professionally done binder on all aspects of his life, including a family tree, tax and land records, personal stories and narratives written from public reference sources. I could not have found much of this information on my own. Ms.McCalip provided this information to me in an efficient and timely manner. Marianne is an expert genealogy researcher and knows where to look for and find information. I highly recommend her services.

~Karen C., Virginia


As a total surprise, I was given as a special gift, my family history, prepared my Marianne McCalip. I did not realize how special this gift was until I read from cover to cover this well prepared and researched book.

If you have someone you want to surprise or if you want to learn more about your family history, this is where to begin the process. Just provide Marianne with some basic information and in return, you will receive information that you will find amazing, accurate and complete; all contained in a professionally bound book. This information will be enjoyed by your family for decades.

I encourage you to contact Marianne. What you will receive in return is well worth the investment and will frankly take your breath away.

~William M., Texas


I started working on my family tree a few years ago. I hit dead ends with a few people and really did not have any idea how to find more information. Thanks to Marianne’s help, I have been able to obtain so many interesting and important details that I had been searching for. My family history has been brought to light thanks to her and I couldn’t be more grateful. Now, I’m working on my husband’s family and I know if I should get stuck, she will be able to help me. I can’t say enough about how excellent her genealogy services are. Take it from me, if you are looking to unlock the history of your family then Marianne is the person you need.

~Nicole B.,Ohio



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