The Genealogy of Leona Joan Turk and Charles Edward Schooley

Leona Turk was a first generation American. Her father, Ignatz Turk arrived at Ellis Island from Bucka, Slovenia, in September 1900. Her mother, Mary Pushner arrived from Gorica (at the time located in Austria, but is now part of present day Italy), a few months later. Using city directories, immigration, census and church records, Ignatz’s story came to life. He was a young man looking to lead a better life in America and left his homeland at the turn of the century. Using church records and local archived marriage records, Ignatz’s marriage to Mary Pushner and the births and marriages of their children were located. The book details the family’s life in Indianapolis in the early 1900s.

The second portion of the book focuses on Leona’s husband’s family, the Schooleys. From online book resources, it was discovered that the Schooleys were early arrivals to the United States—landing here sometime after the Revolution. Originally, the family settled in Maryland; they later migrated to Delaware and finally, Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1839. Military records revealed Charles’s grandfather, William Clinton Schooley fought for the Union during the Civil War, survived a gun shot wound, and even re-enlisted, serving until the close of war. The Schooley section of the book focuses on William, his daughter, Minnie and her son, Herbert, who was Charles’s father.

Charles and Leona Turk Schooley

Charles and Leona Turk Schooley


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