Pagel Family History Narrative

This particular client wanted to know more about his father’s German lineage and history. I was able to discover from the great-grandfather’s 1911 passenger record that the family was held at Ellis Island and prevented from entering the country for eight days. A Board of Special Inquiry was called to determine whether the emigrant family would be able to support themselves in America. After the board received positive testimony from an acquaintance of the emigrant, a German Methodist minister living in Cincinnati, the Board ruled in favor of allowing the client’s family to enter the country and make their home here.

After contacting various government agencies and archives, I was able to present the client his great-grandfather’s Declaration of Intent and Oath of Allegiance papers, as well as other resources, including military service records, obituaries, headstone photos and newspaper articles concerning the client’s paternal side of the family. The information was collated and included as part of a 134 page narrative history of the family that went back six generations to a tiny, rural village in northeast Germany. The book then went into great detail on the family’s life here in the United States, from the time of their immigration in 1911 to the present day. The final published product also included three different family reports: a kinship report, a pedigree report and an ancestor report, along with a CD of all the available census returns for the family, passenger lists, obituaries, family photos, marriage documents, death certificates and naturalization information.


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