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Technology Beyond The Grave, Your Virtual Footprint

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This is not just any typical monument you will find at the cemetery. If you look closely at the bottom left corner of the stone, there is a small black and white box. That box is a QR code and when scanned with a smart phone, it will tell you all you will ever want to know about the deceased. Once scanned, a website will pop up on your smart phone with everything from an obituary to photos, stories, and even the family history of the individual.

These “living memorials” are gaining popularity and it isn’t just headstones where you’ll find this trend. The QR code boxes can be applied to mausoleum shutters, urns and garden benches ( Prices typically range between $75.00-$150.00 for the website and the service to maintain the site. Information is given to the company who operates the website by the family of the deceased. The family decides what is shared via the QR box. While anyone with a smart phone can scan the box for data, only the family administrator of the site can upload content, so it’s not like Wikipedia, where anyone can post information.

This new technology fascinates me as a family historian. The ability to retrieve birth, marriage, death and priceless other information from a single code, is now literally in the palm of your hand, via a smart phone.

Is this something you would put on your headstone? Would you put your life story out there for anyone? Do you want your story told long after you are gone?


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