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20 Days and Counting Until April 2, 2012!

I know what you are thinking…”Wait! According to the Mayans the world isn’t supposed to end until December, 21, 2012!” And yes, you would be right! But that’s not the countdown that has me in such a tizzy. This is something even better than Christmas…OK, at least for us genealogists. What is it that has me anxiously counting down the days until April 2? The 1940 United States Census. Yep, on April 2, 2012, you will be able to access the 1940 census for free via this website from the National Archives:

If you have parents or grandparents that were born prior to 1940, you’ll be able to look them up, see where they lived, what they did for a living, how much education they had, what state they were born in and the state or country that their parents were born in – just to name a few.


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